A Compassionate Approach To Child Custody

Child custody disputes can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting. When you hire Michelle K. Jerome, Attorney At Law, you'll have a collaborator and partner to help guide you through The process. I will protect your interests as a parent or caregiver and help to ensure that the best interests of the children are put before everything else.

Two Types Of Child Custody

There are two types of custody involving children. The first is legal custody. Most parents share joint legal custody. This means that they are equally entitled to make decisions impacting the health, education, religion and medical care for the child.

The second type of custody is physical. Joint physical custody means the parties have equal time with the children. Otherwise, one party will have primary physical custody and the other will have a visitation plan. Generally, parents will share legal custody regardless of how physical custody is awarded.

Shielding Children In Custody Disputes

Custody disputes are not only stressful for parents and caregivers. They can also have a huge impact on the children involved. It can affect a child's school performance, personal relationships, mental and physical health, and general well-being.

I encourage my clients to shield children as much as possible and help ease them through the process. In an effort to reduce the stress for parents and children, I will always explore an amicable settlement first. Many custody and other family law disputes can be resolved through mediation. This process helps parties reach an agreement that addresses everyone's concerns without the costs and strain associated with litigation.

That being said, there are times when we cannot reach an agreement. In such cases, I am ready to aggressively advocate for your interests in the courtroom while still trying to keep your children protected from the process.

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